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Hey everyone! JaxxyLupei here! First off, I'd like to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

For all you members and watchers, I'll be giving you a treat. Because there's really no official journal about everything in and around this date sim, I decided to make one! This journal will contain information when submitting bachelorettes, emotion sheets, scripts and more!

:bulletred:Current Bachelorettes:bulletpink:
Hannah Black
Michelle Durante
Misty Forester
Carrie Francess
Allegra Garcia
Valerie Gray
Sam Manson
Paulina Sanchez
Delilah Warner

When Submitting Bachelorettes...

Now for those who have been paying attention, we will have not one, but two different date sims. Currently, the bachelorette roster is full for the first game. When we finish and launch the first, we will open submissions for the second. If you want to submit a bachelorette, keep these in mind:

1. The bachelorette MUST have a full bio. It's important for us to know what the bachelorette is like, and how she'd react toward Danny. Of course, we can take in girls who absolutely hate Danny and end up dating him in the end.

2. The bachelorette CAN be a halfa. (but doesn't HAVE to be) Human, ghost or halfa as long as...

3. The bachelorette CANNOT be a clone of Danny. That means she cannot look like him in any way in any circumstances, human nor ghosts. She can't have ice powers nor a Ghostly Wail either.

When Submitting Emotion Sheets...

If your OC has gotten in, congratulations! That was only step one of the long process of getting the game up and off the ground. A good way is to start drawing emotion sheets. Obviously, emotion sheets are what you see when Danny is talking to a specific bachelorette. The easiest way to start them is to draw basic emotions first, such as:


Then you can add other types of emotions depending on the OC's personality. For example, if your OC is shy, you can draw her with her head down and shoulders hunched up. Other common ones are: Annoyed, Concerned, Disappointed, etc. There's really no limit. Keep in mind they must be from either waist up or mid-thigh up.

When you are done with your emotions, you can either submit their lineups to the group or separate them, package them into a .zip file and send them directly to Twilightprincess06 and PandaWolfArt.

When separating emotions, be VERY careful. You want the edges of your drawing to touch the edges of your canvas, for example: here, there's seemingly only one pixel separating Misty from the edge of the canvas, but this is only because of the brush I used is anti aliased.

Anyway, to achieve this, if you are using Photoshop:

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING: Check, double check, and triple check for any mistakes you might have skipped over. It's an absolute pain to find a mistake way after I've separated and resized all my emotions, and we obviously don't want you to have the same issue.

Step 1: Select your OC and a bit of space around her to ensure you get everything. Make sure you make the background transparent so you are selecting JUST her.

Step 2: Go to Edit>Copy Merged, and then go to File>New. Do not alter any settings as the program automatically sets it to the size of your OC. Press "OK", then go to Edit>Paste or press Crtl V as a shortcut. Your OC will appear with no space (or one pixel) between her and the canvas edges.

Keep in mind: If you are copying from a DIRECT .psd file or any other file with layers, you MUST select Copy Merged and not Copy. Choosing Copy will only copy what's on the layer you have selected.

Easy, right? Well It gets tedious after a while. The reason why it must be exact is because if you allow space in between your OC and the canvas, the resulting product will end in different sized emotions, which will look messy and will make it look like she's dancing all around the game screen. Anyway, after you've copied and pasted, now it is time to resize. Let's continue...

Step 3: Go to Image>Image Size... a box will pop up. Look at the bottom of the box and make sure to have Constrain Proportions checked. This will automatically resize the image so it will be proportionate. In the height section, use the dropdown menu to change it to "Pixels" if it isn't already set to that, and in the box to the left of it, type in 562. Leave the width boxes alone, and leave the Document Size alone. Press "OK" and it will be smaller!

Step 4: Now save it as a .png, with a name like "Jane Happy 1".

Step 5: Preview your OCs' emotions from your files. Open them up and go through them using the arrow keys. If you have a few different versions of the same emotion, the only thing moving should be the facial features. If you see something off, you're going to have to do that over again for that specific picture. Be very careful.

But what if you have a ghost or a halfa? Well, there's an extra step you need to take with this. Because of the ghostly glow, the sizing will be slightly different. First, what you want to do is repeat steps one and two. Instead of resizing right away, you are going to take the crop tool and widen/lengthen the image so there is a decent amount of space between your OC and the edges. Now, double click on the layer she is on and the Layer Style box will appear. Click on "Outer Glow" and check it. Make sure you have these settings here. Then press OK. A glow will appear around your OC.

Now you're going to hide the background layer if you haven't already, go to Select>All, then repeat steps 2 and 3! This time you will notice the canvas is touching the ghostly glow rather than the OC herself. This will make the sizing slightly different, so this time instead of entering 562, you will put in 570.

When Submitting Scripts...

Creating a script between Danny and just one bachelorette is long and tedious, imagine having to put 9 more in! Now the object of the game is to have Danny woo a bachelorette in the time span of 30 days so he can have a date for the dance. So basically, you have 30 game days to write them interacting with one another. With that being said, a love meter will be implemented into the game, showing what your relationship is like with a bachelorette. Here's a quick guide as to how it will be laid out:

-25+ pts: Enemy

-5 to -20 pts: Unfriendly

0 pts: Stranger

+5 to +15 pts: Acquaintance

+20 to +30 pts: Friend

+35 to +50 pts: Close Friend

+55 to +95 pts: Crush

+100 pts: Girlfriend

Depending on how you have Danny interact with the girls, they will either gain or lose love points with him. Some interactions won't gain or lose any at all.  With that being said, plan out where your OC's relationship is with Danny at the beginning of the game. For the most part they can be anywhere between Enemy and Acquaintance.

Before actually writing anything, you'll want to think of where your OC will most likely be found when Danny encounters her. for example, Misty likes to hang out in the gym during lunch period, so Danny would find her in the gym mostly. There are many places in the game as to where dialogues can happen:

Casper High classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, gym, library
Random streets and alleys throughout Amity Park
The park itself
The Nasty Burger
The mall
The movies
The skies above the city, various rooftops
The forest outside the city
Fentonworks, living room, kitchen, Danny's room, the lab (although Danny's room and the lab probably wouldn't be used for a bachelorette scene)

Once you think of a place, you have to write it in Danny's POV. Think of how exactly he'll encounter your OC. Do they bump into one another? Does he sit next to her in a class? Does she come up and ask him for help? If a ghost or halfa, does he confront her or is it the other way around? Keep in mind, Danny must be as IC as possible in this. If you have trouble with this, you can ask one of us to fix it for you. We're always proofreading the gameplay to make sure everything's A-OK!

Anyway, there will be a time where you'll have to implement a decision making scene, much like this. You have to make three options to pick, and each will have to produce positive, neutral and negative results.

There are different ways to write this, here are two different examples as to how you can, but you are not limited to these two templates. You are free to write it in whichever way you feel comfortable, but keep in mind there are things you have to add:

1. Corresponding emotions with the interactions. You can see in both examples they have an emotion listed next to dialogue. This will help us match up the emotions you've drawn to be put them together.

2. A 3 choice limit decision scene, all with different endings. As mentioned before, these choices must produce positive, neutral and negative interactions, in no specific order (or else people will start to see the pattern. Also avoid from making them too obvious.). As long as you include them all and specify which is which, you're in the clear. Also, not every decision making scene has to have three options. You can have two if you can't think of another, but these types of scenes are for either deciding between who to talk to or take on specific actions. For example, if you bump into a bachelorette, you can choose whether to say sorry or just walk away.

3. +/- numbers. This is where the love meter comes in! Depending on what Danny says to a bachelorette, the conversation will end with the love meter going up, down, or not moving at all. Now remember this will be in a span of 30 days, so don't be putting +10 after every positive interaction. Little numbers count too. Put anything between -5 to +5, with one or two conversations that result in a +/-10.

4. Danny's monologues. Every once in a while, Danny will have a thought or two before, during, and after he talks to a bachelorette. So don't be afraid to add a few in between interactions.

Now I'm sure some of you are wondering, will the love meter for a halfa be the same as they are in human form? No, it will not. Because your OC has two different identities, we will program the game to think she is another person altogether. If an event occurs where Danny finds out about her ghost form, we can manipulate both love meters depending on how you want it.

If you have any questions about scripting, feel free to contact any of us!

Other Ideas in the game

Game programming is hard, and trying to think of extra stuff and ideas to put into the game is even harder. Right now we have the basic stuff down, but eventually we're going to have ghost fights, HP bar, and a money/item exchange. We have Ubro to thank for bringing those to our attention. So far, I've come up with a list of items that can be available for purchase OR can be found somewhere in the game:

Flowers (single or bouquet)
Candy (chocolate bars, different flavored lollipops)
CDs (hip-hop, pop, rock, country, metal)
Jewelry (necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings)
Books/Magazines (fashion, animals, action, fantasy, manga)
Stuffed animals
*More items open for suggestion

Danny is able to give these items for bachelorettes, depending on what they like. For example, Paulina would like perfume or a nice necklace, but not a book of manga or a Gothic choker. You can decide what your OC will like and dislike and how they would react if Danny gave her one of these items.

Also, take note that the love meter will not be stagnant. If you are playing and don't talk to a bachelorette for a while, or talk to someone she dislikes, the love meter for that bachelorette will go down. For example, if you have a fairly high love meter rating for Misty and you start talking to Paulina, Misty's love meter will steadily go down, so be careful to who you choose!

Following the previous idea, the bachelorettes are fully aware of one another and will react to one another as in the show. Obviously Sam and Paulina have a mutual disliking for one another, as well as Paulina and Valerie. I have it that Misty and Paulina hate one another, and Sam and Michelle don't like each other. So if you were to mention one name to the other, they obviously won't be happy about it. This is why the love meters will be active throughout the game.

You can also have your OC befriend another OC! This will make things more interesting. For example, Misty is friends with Allegra Garcia, and Michelle is friends with Carrie Francess. If you like that idea, you can talk to one of the other OC makers and figure out something. There will be some times in the game where Danny encounters more than one bachelorette at the same time.

Since the game is still in production, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions! Don't be afraid to leave us a comment if you have something!

Until then, peace!

More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders


Requirements for submissions

Important note: We are currently NOT OPEN FOR MEMBERS. Members will be invited if you state what you have to contribute (backgrounds, coding, etc) we will deny you being a member. If you have not posted anything within a month of your membership, you will be kicked. This excludes those who have characters in the first or second date sims.

If any member needs ANY help with anything, direct yourself to THIS JOURNAL HERE!


Twi's -> [will be up when we provide link]
Sapph's -> [Closed]

Btw for better contact and easier way to discuss about your OCs love path and their dialogue. Please note me your email, and I will add you asap =D. :heart:~Twi

Or note both of us, I'd like to know what's happening too! ;P ~Sapph












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